Monday, May 21, 2007

I've been a bad interneter...

Well...2 weeks without a comic seems to be right by my schedule, correct? No? Oh, well...fuck. Sorry about the hold-up, folks. Had a bit too much to do these past weeks, what with being lazy and having a Wii to enjoy taking up most olf my free time. But, I decided to do something nice today. Today is my birthday (hooray!), and, instead of having you people give me gifts (which you all SHOULD), I decided to give one to you and give you not one, but TWO new comics to enjoy! Aren't you excited!!! Well, deal with it, asshole. First, we have a woman who finds her own way with dealing with the lolcat phenomenon:

Good. I always hated that fucking cat.

And, as an addition, we have probably my favorite comic, which is making fun not only of my first comic, but the great Animals Have Problems Too webcomic, which is fucking amazing:

He's the kind of lobster that still uses Monica Lewinski jokes, because they're SOOOO relevant and hilarious.

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